Through the lens, through the searching out of subject matter, I seek to escape the mundane and to view the world a little differently.  The visual realm can easily be taken for granted; our eyes learn to glance over and ignore that which we see on a regular basis.  A world packed with visual stimulation can easily become dull and grey if we allow our eyes to become lazy and indifferent.  It is the camera that gives an electric jolt to this state of apathy; things instantly become a little more vibrant.  The camera allows me to explore the richness of visual poetry that exists in all that is so easily ignored.

     After years of frustration with the question of what to shoot and what will make good subject matter, it came to me that this way of thinking had to be scrapped.  Too often I was desperately searching out that which makes a good shot- the pretty and majestic.  Instead I had to go out with no expectations, I had to stop looking for beauty and drama; I had to teach myself to relax and enjoy the experience of being at this place at this time, while maintaining a sharp, curious eye.  That is my “technique”, if you can call it that- I keep an open mind and learn to accept things as they are; maybe, if I am lucky, a detail will catch my eye; a color, a shape, a moment.  I go with my instinct and I explore that detail.  Maybe an image forms, maybe it doesn’t, either way I find my life enriched and my photography improved with this openness to the world.